Tax laws are constantly changing.


You should rely on a professional to guide you through the complex tax laws to MINIMIZE your tax liability MAXIMIZE your credits and deductions.


We offer tax planning strategies at no additional fees for our tax clients to ensure we are constantly doing everything we can to maximize tax avoidance.


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Orlando Authorized E Filing Tax


We are an Orlando Authorized IRS E-file Provider.

IRS Assistance

We stand behind our Orlando tax preparation services and provide year-round support for assistance with IRS correspondence.

Tax Planning

As we become familiar with your specific tax situation and plans for the future, we work with you to develop a long-term tax strategy to minimize tax liability while remaining compliant with all Federal and State laws and regulations.

Refund Tracking

Orlando Tax Accounting does not believe our job ends when your tax return has been received by the IRS. We stay involved in effort to expedite your tax refund process whenever possible. If you’ve already filed, track your refunds ► HERE

Individual Tax Preparation

    • 1040 (with all accompanying schedules)
    • Sole Proprietor (1040-SCH C)
    • 1040-NR
    • 1040-PR
    • FBAR

Business Tax Preparation

    • C Corporation (1120)
    • S Corporation (1120S)
    • Partnership (1065)
    • LLC (form varies based on entity type)
    • Employment Taxes (940, 941, 944)
    • Florida corporate tax returns (FL-1120)
    • Estate Tax Returns (1041)
    • Trust Tax Returns (1041)
    • Florida annual report
    • Florida sales and use tax (DR-15)
    • Florida reemployment (formerly unemployment) tax

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Anyone can file a tax return.

The following reasons are why you should only trust a tax professional to prepare your taxes…


Following the Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Internal Revenue Service, (2013) the IRS no longer has the authority to regulate unlicensed tax preparers. Additionally, the state of Florida does not regulate the tax preparation industry.

What does this mean…?

If you are not an EA, CPA or tax attorney, there are NO Federal or State regulation requiring standards in ethics, competency, or continuing education, as well as, NO background checks for the individual handling your confidential information.

Please do not trust seasonal tax preparers with your personal information, and be confident in year-round assistance from Orlando Tax Accounting.

Save Money

Our Orlando Tax Accountants rely on their expert knowledge combined with intimate knowledge of clients’ personal, business, and financial information to maximize your refund and minimize your tax liability. Based on this, Orlando Tax Accounting has proven that we can provide our clients additional tax savings compared to trusting seasonal, part-time tax preparers or using tax software on your

Save Time

You can learn how to file your own taxes using various online software programs. However, it is often very time consuming and many questions arise that require much research and investigation. Our skilled Orlando tax accountants have the professional experience and training to efficiently prepare and file your taxes and save you valuable time.

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